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—> How I Can Help YOU!

Making those changes, made me feel…   alive  again.

I realized I still had the power of choice, even if my abilities were limited; and my choices, mattered -- NOW, more than ever, for my well-being, and my life. 

By choosing to make supportive, healthier choices,

I eventually became able enough, to find different specialists, doctors, and alternative medicines,




for the first time in 7 years

  • I started having more ENERGY - I could MOVE again; just, sit up in bed in the morning without a fight against lethargy or dizziness, make it through a long shower without getting tired, go grocery shopping without assistance – plus exercise and see friends and family regularly again, which made me feel so connected, loved, and HAPPY! 😁😁😁

  • Anxiety took a backseat and depression disappeared - I could just DO things, without fighting against my head all the time, and FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN - finding joys in ordinary things, like beautiful weeds sticking out of pavement cracks on my daily walk, and creating more moments of joy for myself, & others -- like I used to!

  • I could THINK more CLEARLY finish simple tasks efficiently again, and express myself precisely and artfully again with my vocabulary (a big part of feeling like “me”)! I could SING using my whole diaphragm, & being – making me feel ALIVE, and bringing back joy, and deep MEANING, to my daily life!

Making the holistically healthy choices that enabled me to start feeling better

 -- and then --

finding health care providers *who could actually treat the root cause of my health issues,* was 


-----> And -- it was, HARD. You try keeping at something for a WEEK, let alone 7 freaking YEARS! It’s physically, AND mentally, TOUGH.

Having someone to help:

  • coach me in how, to make which, worthwhile lifestylebehavior changes for my OWN body & person, to start feeling better ASAP -- instead of constantly guessing, and losing steam, time, energy, money, etc.,

  • guide me in the right direction towards addressing the root issue(s) of my ills, faster, to begin to actually heal,

  • & just, plain, have someone in MY CORNER, who not just BELIEVED me, but GOT IT, too, & was someone I knew I could trust to put my best interests, first, & be there with me to help with the ups & downs of both illness & progress,

 ... would have been completely, game-changing.

 I want YOU to experience for yourself, what it’s like to make



holistic health changes,

faster and more easily,

than I did.

A health coach – whose job it is to guide support, would've made this winding, draining, inexpertly, self-cobbled path towards better health, SO much easier,

at a time when everything felt so, very, hard

This is why I'm a Health Coach.

This sucks. It's unfair. It can be terrifying, and cruel, and I know what that feels like.

Because of that crap experience we now share (woohoo!), I also probably know how to help you, better than you know how to help yourself right now

so let me.

I've got your back.

  • You are not "too much."

  • I  WELCOME your experience & emotions. 

  • You deserve to feel seen & heard by a trustworthy, compassionate, respectful, listening ear who not only believes you, but "gets it," and may be able to help (that's me!🙃). 

Change, is never an easy thing to do - especially when you feel lost - but with the right help, it becomes feasible - and even, enjoyable.

--> Yes, it is, in fact, probable, that you will feel joy – yes, JOY (by all means, please roll your eyes) in this process with me…




               . . . but only if I’m your Health Coach (you knew that was coming, right?).🤣 

In all seriousness -- everyone deserves a healthy, thriving life. I'd humbly, & excitedly, welcome the opportunity to be the one to support you, 

in getting there. 😊

If you're interested in THRIVING, I invite you to;

🌱   schedule a free consult   🙂

There's no commitment necessary; we'll see if we're a good match. 🙃 

Thank you very much for your interest in growing with me! 

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